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Headcanon : Marlo is the classic classmate who always remember the homework to the teacher at the end of the class and everyone is like …please Marlo..shut up …NO!

Sketchdump from this week



Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.


Part II: On the Set of Testament of Youth, April 9th 2014 (Photos by Yavannauk)

Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler studies



fyi the title of snk 56 is “roles”, and historia—after succumbing to levi’s coercion and agreeing to go along with the scouts’ plans to make her queen—says “i see…so the next role i need to play is the queen, right?” with this broken, hollow, empty look in her eyes. because this…



A person wrote that “Historia needs to get her shit together.” That “Levi is wise” and fighting for the greater good so what he did was justified since ~humanity is at stake…and that is so sickening.

Stop defending his actions. Stop immersing yourself in the fantastical…